The most unique and likely beneficial part of an IAC is represented by the word Community. For many individuals with I/DD and their family's isolation, loneliness and vulnerability are the biggest challenges when it comes to long term housing and support.

Living alone or 'independently' is often presented as the pinnacle of success but a less talked about byproduct is often isolation, loneliness and vulnerability. For most adults an IAC would support there are far reaching difficulties in creating and sustaining meaningful friendships. That difficulty often coupled with many living environments that foster few opportunities for socialization with multiple people tends to lead to being alone, both physically but also just as important emotionally.

All relationships grow best with quantity time - being able to get to know people through shared interests, activities and experiences. Adults with disabilities are no different, though they often benefit from even more time to "rub shoulders" and form meaningful relationships. As important as the quantity social time is it's hard to create artificially. In an IAC, community is built it.

The ongoing social opportunities and support are often referred to as "a community within a community", where residents have the ability to create meaningful friendships through social contact and program opportunities while also still being connected to the outside community on a daily basis. This unique combination allows for a true sense of community and relationships - A place to belong!