A foundational value for any housing
and support model for those with I/DD
should be Independence. Independence
is central to all efforts supporting those
with I/DD because it recognizes and is
committed to the idea that each person
should be enabled to live their life in a
manner that is as free as possible from
the control or unwanted influence of
others. As it relates to the first word in an
IAC, Independent describes the type of
program an IAC is committed to. For any
IAC, there isn't just one program being
Of critical importance to any IAC is that
each resident has their own front door
keys and independent choice with things
like running their heating/AC, installing
cable TV, internet, phone and any other
utilities they desire to use. Ideally there is
the option for no shared bedrooms or
bathrooms, something that is critical to
offering privacy, dignity and a sense of
independence. These living options are
unfortunately very rare for most adults
with intellectual and developmental
disabilities. Most often in an IAC the
The most unique and likely beneficial
part of an IAC is represented by the
word Community. For many individuals
with I/DD and their family's isolation,
loneliness and vulnerability are the
biggest challenges when it comes to
long term housing and support. Living
alone or 'independently' are often
presented as the pinnacle of success but
a less talked about by-product is often
isolation, loneliness and vulnerability. For
most adults an IAC would support there
are far reaching difficulties in creating
Offer housing and support services for
adults with development and intellectual

The programming and supports offered
by the IAC are comprehensive, optional,
individualized, flexible and person

Any IAC will be dedicated to not
creating any community rules that limit
individualization and person centered
plans and freedom of each resident.
There is a critical shortage of housing and support communities that adequately address the individualized needs of adults with I/DD. IAC's represent a unique and exceptional option to this crisis. An IAC offers a unique mix of personal choice, freedom, independence combined with individualize support, a responsive and nurturing environment and a "community within the community" to help meet the social needs and challenges of many adults with I/DD. While many families and professional see an IAC as an unattainable but superior model, the actual barriers for families and professionals creating their own IAC are more realizable and attainable than previously thought. Through the information, insight and long term consulting options available through the IAC Group creating a new IAC can go from a dream to a reality. The reality is many parents and families with an adult with I/DD lack connections and a support system of their own. An IAC allows a parent to be a parent and not have to wear the many other hats necessity has forced upon them such as counselor, vocational coach, transportation agent, social coordinator, teacher, etc. READ MORE >
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