A foundational value for any housing and support model for those with I/DD should be Independence. Independence is central to all efforts supporting those with I/DD because it recognizes and is committed to the idea that each person should be enabled to live their life in a manner that is as free as possible from the control or unwanted influence of others.

As it relates to the first word in an IAC, Independent describes the type of program an IAC is committed to. For any IAC, there isn't just one program being offered- instead there is a separate program for each person, each as unique as the person's fingerprint. Each residents supports are tailored to their desires and needs and no two program plans look the same.

An IAC's support commitment should reflect the following statement, "An IAC should do everything it can for each resident within their scope of services; Always working to give each person the support they need; Willing to be creative and stretched for the residents benefit; while also maintaining safety, professional boundaries and common sense for the good of the organization."

This statement embodies the commitment any IAC should strive to make in order to offer an individualized program within a larger apartment community. Independent represents the commitment of an IAC to not give in to a "one size fits all" approach, but to show the inherent worth of each person by being committed to tailoring supports in a way that is responsive, considerate of needs and open to new ideas.