There is a critical shortage of housing and support communities that adequately address the individualized needs of adults with I/DD. IAC's represent a unique and exceptional option to this crisis. An IAC offers a unique mix of personal choice, freedom, independence combined with individualize support, a responsive and nurturing environment and a "community within the community" to help meet the social needs and challenges of many adults with I/DD.

While many families and professionals see an IAC as an unattainable but superior model, the actual barriers for families and professionals creating their own IAC are more realizable and attainable than previously thought. Through the information, insight and long term consulting options available through the IAC Group creating a new IAC can go from a dream to a reality. The reality is many parents and families with an adult with I/DD lack connections and a support system of their own. An IAC allows a parent to be a parent and not have to wear the many other hats necessity has forced upon them such as counselor, vocational coach, transportation agent, social coordinator, teacher, etc.

The staffing structure of an IAC offers flexibility and a wealth of skill sets that allow a more varied and robust program. This in turn gives the opportunity for IAC's to readily create new and needed programs and opportunities for the individualization and optimal benefit of the residents/clients. Any IAC support team works with the individual and family to form 'three pieces of the pie', where the individual has choice and autonomy but also has support and guidance on many of life's most challenging and significant decisions.

In order for a new IAC to get started it's often critical that multiple people/groups collaborate to allow for the various aspects needed to start an IAC. The IAC Group is an ideal support for collaboration and expertise as people identify the different "pieces of the puzzle" needed for the creation of an IAC. The IAC Website offers information, guidance and support for individuals, families and professional who want to learn more about an IAC- from exploring what this unique model is to getting the actual support and help to build an IAC, this website offers something for everyone interested in a proven and effective model for housing and supports for adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities.