No single housing or program model is right for everyone. In order to best see if an IAC would be a good fit, take a few minutes and
answer these questions. If you answer YES to many of these questions, an IAC would likely be a great fit for you!

Please email us to learn more about existing IAC options and how to begin starting your own at:
Are you looking for a program that promotes independence and doesn't offer a "one size fits all" program?

Are you in need of an environment that offers varies supports but tailors them to your needs and desires?

Are you looking for a program that allows for personal autonomy but provides 24-hour support and oversight?

Are you able to provide basic self-care but need support in certain areas on independent living?

Have you learned many independent living skills but struggle to consistently follow through with them?

Do you want a program that offers social opportunities and enrichment groups in order to foster relationships and living/social skills?

Do you prefer to have your own apartment and not share a bedroom or bathroom?

Do you want to live with others that have similar strengths and challenges and who are looking to form meaningful friendships?

Do you want a program that offers continual opportunities to be a lifelong learner and acquire new and varied skills?

Are you looking for a program that includes and values the role of families as a support to the individual?

Are you looking for a program that allows for long term housing and support?

Are you in search of a housing and support program that believes the building is
first and foremost the individuals home, not the staff's office?

Are you looking for a place that offers shared meals in order to create a family dining experience?

Do you feel like you would benefit from an environment where services are directed by
a centralized support team that is closely involved with the person and their family?

Do you want a program dedicated to not creating any community
rules that limit individualization and person-centered
plans and freedom of each resident?
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