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An IAC is a housing and supported service model
specifically directed to adults with intellectual and
developmental disabilities (I/DD). An IAC combines
many unique aspects that often are not found in
traditional or common housing and supported
service models throughout the United States.
IAC's represent a unique, beneficial and
often preferred option for housing
and supports for those with I/DD.
A Unique Housing And Support Model For
Individuals With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities
The IAC Group is an association of organizations, professionals, families,
and individuals who believe that Independent Apartment Communities
represent a unique, beneficial, and preferred option for housing and
supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
In addition, The IAC Group offers education, resources,
networking, and support for those who want to create
Independent Apartment Communities in their local area, and assists
existing Independent Apartment Communities so they may best fulfill
their mission in a sustainable and person-centered focus.
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